Nubilaria @ Industria Felix Award 2022
Nubilaria @ Industria Felix Award 2022

We are very proud and happy to announce that Nubilaria is one of the best Italian Companies for management performance and financial reliability.

We will receive the award during a live streaming ceremony on Thursday, March 10, 2022, at 10:30 AM.

Industria Felix – L’Italia che compete – organized by the quarterly magazine of economics and finance Industria Felix Magazine, is an itinerant event established in 2015 in Puglia, consolidated in 2017 in Lombardy and Veneto, and developed at the national level.

In relation to the 2021 data, 609 companies attended the Industria Felix events, with the participation of no less than 95% among shareholders or directors; hence, the event has been confirmed the most deeply rooted, attended, and esteemed Italian event of economics and finance.

During the events, prizes are awarded based on a journalistic inquiry into joint-stock companies’ financial statements, created in collaboration with Cerved, the Italian data-driven company and the most important rating agency in Italy by the number of practices evaded, therefore incontrovertible numbers. The best Italian companies for managerial performance, financial reliability, and, sometimes, for ESG values, are chosen, based on the journalistic inquiry, by economists who meet in a special Scientific Committee coordinated by prof. Cesare Pozzi, Professor of Industrial Economics at the Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome, indicated by the same university which collaborates with the events’ organization, by the vice-president of Confindustria, eng. Vito Grassi, and by dr. Filippo Liverini, who is part of the Gruppo Tecnico Credito e Finanza of Confindustria.

The report of the inquiry, extracted from an objective budget algorithm ordered by decreasing Mol and other parameters, is submitted to the Scientific Committee’s attention composed of high-profile economists, entrepreneurs, and managers. The Scientific Committee awards the “Budgetary Performance High Honor”, this is how the awards to companies are assigned, reserved to joint-stock companies with registered offices in Italy performing at management level, financially reliable compared to the Cerved Group Score Impact, and, in some cases, sustainable.

The Budgetary Performance High Honors, reserved for the best management performances, are assigned for each province and region based on objective criteria to financially reliable companies, considered solvent or safe for the Cerved Group Score Impact, to innovative SME, female businesses, under 40, with an international vocation/foreign management, Small, Medium and Large enterprises, and to those by sector at a regional level.

In the national edition, only the best companies by sectors are awarded. The “Green parchment” is assigned based on aspects related to ESG values, the relative rating, and, therefore, to companies with a sustainability balance sheet/report or a non-financial declaration which refers to the guidelines of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

The Budgetary Performance High Honors are awarded by a Scientific Committee composed of the delegates of the bodies that sponsor Industria Felix (Luiss, Confindustria, university professors, and accountants, public institutions, partners, etc.) based on some synthetic financial statements extrapolated by Industria Felix Magazine in collaboration with Cerved concerning the following algorithm by province, region, sector, and company size: decreasing Gom, with positive Roe, in profit, financial expenses ratio/Gom less than 50%, the annual average of the delta of employees equal to or increasing compared to the previous year (because it is not considered ethical to reward companies that, while developing excellent management performance, sacrifice employees). The Committee is also provided with other data relating to the main parameters of the income statement.

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