More data, more insight

The most critical objective of data collection is ensuring that information-rich and reliable data is collected for statistical analysis so that data-driven decisions can be made for research.
And how do we fit in? We simply love data. We love to find new ways to retrieve, collect and process it. Our aim is to help you make data collection easy. In short: we know data and where to find it!

Web scraping

With web scraping, data is extracted from other websites (‘scraped’). HTML data is basically unstructured and is converted into structured data during scraping so that it can be processed and stored in a database. Our data experts can also find other sources that are still unknown to you to enrich your data. Because every client case is different this is a customized solution.

Information enrichment

Raw data is nowadays merged from all kinds of channels and processed in all kinds of ways so that the quality of the database is lifted to a higher level. This process helps ensure that data has become a valuable asset for almost every modern enterprise or organization. This development has created a common need for targeted and proactive use of enriched data to support the operating result.

Merging sources / Data integration / Data blending

During the clinical trial there is a need to merge data from different sources so that conclusions can be evaluated and published. It is important that research data can be randomized, and the database cleaned so a consistent data source stays available for your research team.

Data entry

Our UI team develops custom interfaces that allow data to be added manually to a database. Clients can request the setup of double data entry to guarantee an even higher level of quality.

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