Moving data to information

Data management is an administrative process that includes all acts concerning data with the aim of guaranteeing accessibility and reliability. More than ever organizations and companies are using Big Data to make business decisions and gain insight into customer behaviour, trends and, consequently, the opportunities to create extraordinary customer experiences.
What can you expect from us? We understand that data is not your core business. But for us, it’s a key issue. Regardless of the type, source and amount of data; we ensure that you can work with it in a safe and efficient manner so that you can focus on your core business.

Managing volumes

At this time, the management of big data is at the core of financial and medical enterprises. At Nubilaria we provide this expertise in projects for ACTide and SWIFT.

Modeling and Design

Data modeling techniques are being used to model data in a standard, consistent and predictable manner to manage it as a valuable resource. The use of data modeling standards is recommended for all projects requiring a standard means of defining and analyzing data within an organization.

Lead innovation

Within electronic services for the financial and health information industry, work must be carried out in accordance with strict rules and regulations. And for each case a new set of rules and regulations must be established.
Regardless some of these boundaries we can help you introducing the latest technologies such as AI, machine learning and Blockchain.
By continuous innovation the resilience of your organization increases. And it enables you to build a futureproof business. Our experts can help your company stay ahead of your competitors. Just lead the way!

New technology

Technological developments are at the source of our existence. It requires that we are constantly on top of the game. This is why we do not only follow the latest developments, but we also practice them. Implementing machine learning and experimenting with blockchain and AI are daily fare. We are ready to use this expertise for our customers! (or… at the benefit of our customers!)

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