Treat your data like a treasure

Technology moves fast. Keeping up with new developments is time-consuming and you are always a step behind. Also, in working with your valuable information. We can help you with that. With extensive knowledge of the latest technology, we help you to be compliant with rules & regulations. Our footprint in health and finance is proof that we can handle data in a safe way.


The Agile approach enables our project team to adapt easily to a changed situation or additional requests. We embrace the change. In contrast to a traditional project approach, where teams tries to avoid unexpected situations as much as possible by, on the one hand, laying down the details extensively and, on the other hand, setting up a formal process. We believe in co-creation.
So Agile is the way to go!

Data safety

The security of our customers’ databases is top priority. All our services are fully GDPR compliant. And the services and software are, when required, FDA certified. In addition, we regularly provide our cooperation with on-site audits from our customers and audit companies.


Nubilaria is certified ISO-IEC 27001 and ISO 9001. For healthcare, Nubilaria is compliant with FDA 21 cfr PART 11 and ICH GCP.

On a regular basis,  audits are performed to stay compliant with all regulatory demands related to our area’s of expertise.


The use of an ITS (Issue Tracking System) provides structure in our customer support; all questions and problems are recorded. Our support team can track, prioritize, change and resolve all outstanding tickets. Moreover, your customer information is managed centrally. This allows all support questions to be processed quickly and correctly.

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